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Anti-jamming Measures

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Anti-jamming Measures:

1. Signal lines and power lines to vertical cross or sub-slot wiring.

2. Do not use different metal wires connected to each other.

3. Shielded tube (layer) should be reliably grounded and ensure continuous and reliable grounding over the entire length.

4. Signal circuit to use twisted pair shielded cable.

5. Shield grounding point as far as possible away from the inverter, and the drive ground point separately.

6. Magnetic ring can be used in the inverter input power line and output line, the specific method is: the input line together in the same direction around 4 laps, and the output line in the same direction around 3 laps. Winding should pay attention to, as far as possible the magnetic ring near the inverter.

7. The general equipment to be disturbed equipment, can take shielding and other anti-jamming measures.

Magnetic Ring.jpg

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