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Fault Judgment and Solutions of the Frequency Inverter

- Dec 15, 2017 -

Fault Judgment and Solutions of the Frequency Inverter:

1. Damage to the rectifier module is generally due to grid voltage or internal short circuit. In the case of excluding internal short circuit, replace the rectifier bridge. In the field to deal with failure, should focus on checking the user grid situation, such as grid voltage, with or without welding machines and other equipment on the grid pollution.

2. Damage to the inverter module is generally due to damage to the motor or cable and drive circuit failure caused. After repairing the drive circuit, test the drive waveform in good condition, replace the module. After replacing the drive board in the field service, care must also be taken to check the motor and the connecting cable. Do not operate the inverter without any fault.

3. Power-on No display is generally due to damage to the switching power supply or soft charging circuit damage caused by direct current DC circuit, such as starting resistance damage, there may be damage to the panel.

4. After power-on display over-voltage or under-voltage generally due to input phase loss, circuit aging and circuit board damp. Find out the voltage detection circuit and the detection point, replace the damaged device.

5. After power-on display over-current or ground short-circuit is generally due to damage to the current detection circuit. Such as Hall elements, op amps and so on.

6. Start-up display Overcurrent is generally caused by damage to the drive circuit or inverter module.

7. No-load output voltage is normal, after loading shows overload or over-current This situation is generally due to improper parameter settings or drive circuit aging, caused by damage to the module.

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