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Inner Mongolia invested 10 billion yuan in 15 years to realize household electricity in farming and pastoral areas

- Mar 14, 2018 -

With a total investment of 10 billion yuan in 15 years, Inner Mongolia has not only changed the urban-rural dual structure in the electricity sector, and achieved the same price as the electricity network, but also extended the grid to a remote rural pastoral area. It is expected that the entire region can be realized by the end of November. power ups.

On the evening of October 31, the sky gradually darkened. Eighty-eight-year-old herdsmen from Hangjinqi opened the light ropes and the room was filled with light. They had never left the grassland and were shocked by the use of electricity. The herdsmen living in the surrounding areas also rushed to see the bustle. , Chatting about the life after each household electricity. There are 3192 herdsmen in Hangjin County, and most of them live in decentralized areas and live in poverty. Lighting has been relying on kerosene lamps for years. As of now, the problem of power-free households in Hangjinqi has been completely solved, and all the folks here have got rid of difficulties in using electricity.

In Erdos, the majority of farmers and herdsmen living in Hangjinqi, Etuoke, Etuqqian and Wushenqi lived in isolation and dispersed, and the traffic was seriously inconvenient. Nearly 15,000 farmers and herders have been relying on self-purchased small-scale wind power generators. Solving the problem of basic lighting use, production and living standards have been severely restricted. Although the city of Ordos has been pursuing national and autonomous region special projects for complementary wind and solar power projects since 2010, it solved the problem of power supply for the population of 5156 households and about 15,000 farmers and herdsmen. However, there are still 8496 households of peasants and herdsmen who urgently need to solve electricity problems.

To this end, Inner Mongolia Electric Power Co., Ltd. will target households to be energized this year in Ordos Xisiqi. After two months of hard work, through the implementation of complementary projects of net power and new energy, the construction projects of Xisiqi have come to an end and 8496 households of peasants and herdsmen and nearly 20,000 people without electricity will bid farewell to self-purchase by the end of November. Small wind generators solve the history of lighting and have a bright light of happiness.

According to statistics, in order to solve the electricity problems that plagued farmers and herdsmen in remote areas as quickly as possible, only from 2011 to 2013, Inner Mongolia Electric Power Company had built and rebuilt 77 110-kilovolt transformer substations with 1839-km lines, and constructed and transformed 239-kilowatt 35-kV transformer substations. , Line 3468 kilometers; construction and transformation of 10 kV lines 28,596 kilometers, the new 36,884 sets of new energy wind and solar devices, solve the 43785 households 150,000 farmers and herdsmen power problems.

The Mengdong power grid household electricity project has also come to an end. At the same time, the transformation and upgrading of power grids in agricultural and pastoral areas is also in full swing.

On October 22nd, in the darkness of the Hunshandake Sands, the Ximengzheng town of Mingantu, which is located in the depths of the Hunshandake Sands, greeted the first snowfall since the winter. This day is a happy day for the 13 herdsmen who live here all year long. At the moment when Liang Tiezhu, the construction leader of the White Flag Power Company, closed the switch, the herdsmen around him smiled. This is just one of the upgrading and reconstruction projects of the Inner Mongolia Electric Power Corporation's rural power grid. The team leader Baiyal introduced that in the past, households were all 100-watt wind turbines that could only be illuminated. Now they have access to the power grid, the voltage is stable, and they are not afraid of power outages. The village will prepare a deep-water well next year and put 13 herdsmen in the village next year. Organize and organize a cooperative to expand the scale of planting and breeding, and develop fattening and processing...

Since the implementation of the same price on the same network in May last year, the burden on electricity for farmers and herdsmen has been greatly reduced. In the new village of Baiyintrahing, Huade County, Wulanchabu, Li Xian, the village party secretary said, “Since the electricity price has dropped, more than 40 households in the village have purchased electric vehicles, which are low-cost, easy-to-operate, and easy to use.” The staff of the Power Supply Bureau introduced that in the past year, the total production and living use of the farmers and herdsmen in Huade County was 4.595 million kilowatt-hours, and the same price of the same network had reduced farmers and herdsmen by more than 1.5 million yuan.

Statistics show that the implementation of the same price on the same network can reduce the burden of electricity bills for farmers and herdsmen in Inner Mongolia by more than one billion yuan each year. After the same price on the same network, the power companies also benefit greatly. Because the power grid is strong, it enhances the reliability of power supply and increases the power supply. In 2012, the 38 power-selling flag counties in Inner Mongolia sold 15.03 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, which represented a 70% increase in three years.

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