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Main Components of the Frequency Inverter

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Main Components of the Frequency Inverter

Main Components of the Frequency Inverter.jpg

Rectifier circuit:

Consists of VD1-VD6 six rectifier diodes composed of uncontrollable full-wave rectifier bridge. For the 380V rated power supply, the general diode reverse voltage value should be selected 1200V, the diode forward current of the motor rated current of 1.414-2 times.

Capacitor C1:

Absorption capacitor, rectifier circuit output is pulsating DC voltage, must be filtered.


A common electrical device that can be used to convert an alternating voltage of a certain value to an alternating voltage of another value of the same frequency, or to change the value of the alternating current and to change the impedance or change the phase.


There are three roles: one, over-voltage protection; Second, lightning requirements; Third, the safety test needs.


overheat protection.

Hall element:

Installed in the UVW of which two-phase, used to detect the output current value. When the rated current is about 2 times the rated current of the motor.


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