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Inverter Maintenance Testing Common Method 02

- Dec 14, 2017 -

Inverter Maintenance Testing Common Method:

Dynamic Test

Before and after power must pay attention to the following:

1) Before powering on, make sure that the input voltage is incorrect. Connect the 380V power supply to the 220V inverter (blown capacitor, varistor, module, etc.).

2) Check whether the frequency converter is connected with each other correctly. If the connection is loose, the connection abnormality may cause the inverter to be faulty.

3) Check the fault display after power-on, and determine the fault and cause.

4) If the fault is not displayed, first check whether the parameters are abnormal, and return the parameters, the no-load (no motor) to start the inverter, and test U, V, W three-phase output voltage. Such as the emergence of phase loss, three-phase imbalance, etc., the module or the drive board, such as failure.

5) With the output voltage is normal (no phase, three-phase balance), with the load test. Test, it is best to full load test.

Dynamic Test.jpg

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