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Photovoltaic plus grid pump power supply design

- Mar 14, 2018 -

1 Project Overview

1.1 Power System Solution

Off-grid power generation systems are widely used in remote mountain areas, non-electrical areas, islands, communications base stations and street lamps and other applications. The solar energy is stored in the battery through the controller so as to achieve continuous and uninterrupted power. The solar power supply system is a reasonable independent power supply. It not only costs far less than the grid long-distance small-load power supply, has no pollution, short construction period, simple maintenance, is not limited by the geographical distribution of resources, high energy quality, good stability, Long life and many other advantages.

1.2 design basis

(1) Power load data and requirements provided by the commissioning party: 2.4KW, 10H power supply;

1.3 Design Standards

(1) The People's Republic of China Industry Standard - "JGJ203-2010 Civil Building Solar Photovoltaic System Application Technical Specification";

(2) Existing national and industry-related photovoltaic power generation standards;

(3) Current national and industry standards for municipal construction and electrical installations.

2 system introduction

The system consists of solar photovoltaic arrays, battery packs, controllers, inverters, frequency converters, and AC loads.

Attached: system schematic diagram

3 Major Equipment Introduction

3.1 PV module parameters

Photovoltaic modules (commonly known as solar panels) consist of solar cells (two sizes 125*125mm, 156*156mm, 124*124mm, etc.) or different sizes of solar cells cut by a laser cutter or steel wire cutter Composed together. Since the current and voltage of the monolithic solar cell are very small, we then connect them in series to obtain a high voltage, then in parallel to obtain a high current, then pass through a diode (prevention of current return) and then output. And they are packaged in a stainless steel, aluminum or other non-metallic frame, the upper glass and the back of the back plate installed, filled with nitrogen, sealed. The whole is called a module, that is, a photovoltaic module or a solar module.

In order to meet the system power demand, in the case of a load of 2.4KW and a power consumption of 10H, the photovoltaic power generation capacity should reach 24KWH, so the system uses a total of 32 photovoltaic modules of 32W; each two photovoltaic modules are connected in series, and then each group Series and parallel, forming a two-string 16-phase photovoltaic system, and finally access to the solar charge controller.

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