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The history development of wind solar hybrid system

- Jun 04, 2018 -

The original wind-solar hybrid power generation system is a simple combination of wind turbines and photovoltaic modules because of the lack of a detailed mathematical calculation model. At the same time, the system is only used to ensure low-rate users, resulting in a short service life.

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the application of wind-solar hybrid power generation systems, the increase in guarantee rates and economic requirements, foreign countries have successively developed large-scale tool packages that simulate the performance of wind power, photovoltaics, and their complementary power generation systems. The best system configuration can be derived by simulating the performance and power supply costs of different system configurations. Among them, colorado state university and national renewable energy laboratory have developed hybrid2 application software. Hybrid2 itself is a very good software, it performs a very accurate simulation of a wind-solar hybrid system, according to the input of the complementary power generation system structure, load characteristics and installation location of the wind speed, solar radiation data to obtain a year of 8760 hours of simulation results . However, hybrid2 is only a powerful simulation software, it does not have the function of optimizing design, and it is expensive and requires a strong professional.

In foreign countries, there are mainly two methods for determining the power of wind-solar hybrid power generation systems: First, the power matching method, that is, the power of the photovoltaic array and the power of the fan and the load power, which are used in different radiation and wind speeds, are mainly used. The optimal control of the system; the other is the method of energy matching, that is, the sum of the power generated by the photovoltaic array and the power generated by the fan at different radiation and wind speeds is greater than or equal to the power consumed by the load, and is mainly used for system power design.

At present, the universities that conduct research on wind-solar hybrid power generation systems in China mainly include the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Inner Mongolia University, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, and Hefei University of Technology. The research institutes mainly conduct research in the following aspects: optimization and matching calculation and system control of wind-solar hybrid power generation systems. At present, the optimization matching of the biological genetic algorithm of the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the calculation of the matching of the small-scale household wind-solar hybrid power generation system introduced in the new energy research of Inner Mongolia University are the auxiliary design, and it has a leading position in the matching calculation, and the intelligence of the Hefei University of Technology The application of control in complementary power generation systems is also at the leading edge.

According to relevant domestic data reports, currently operating wind-solar hybrid power generation systems include the Complementary Wind Power Generating Station at Naqu Township in Tibet, the Wind Energy Solar Hybrid Power Station for Weather Stations, the Solar Wind Power Wireless Telephone Turntable Power System, and the Inner Mongolia Miniature Scenery. Complementary power generation systems.

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