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The structure of wind-solar hybrid power generation system

- Jun 04, 2018 -

The wind-solar hybrid power generation system is mainly composed of wind power generation units, solar photovoltaic cells, controllers, storage batteries, inverters, and alternating current and direct current loads. The system structure diagrams are shown in the attached drawings. The system is a composite renewable energy power generation system that integrates various energy generation technologies and system intelligent control technologies such as wind energy, solar energy, and storage batteries.

(1) Part of wind power generation is the use of wind turbines to convert wind energy into mechanical energy. The wind turbine generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The controller then charges the battery and supplies power to the load through the inverter.

(2) Photovoltaic power generation utilizes the photovoltaic effect of solar panels to convert light energy into electrical energy. Then the battery is charged and the DC power is converted into AC power through the inverter to supply power to the load.

(3) The inverter system consists of several inverters, which convert the DC power in the battery into standard 220V AC power to ensure the normal use of the AC power load equipment. At the same time, it also has an automatic voltage regulator function, which can improve the power supply quality of wind-solar hybrid power generation systems;

(4) The control part continuously switches and adjusts the working state of the battery pack according to the changes of the sunshine intensity, the wind power and the load: On the one hand, the adjusted electric energy is directly sent to the DC or AC load. On the other hand, excess energy is sent to the storage battery. When the power generation capacity cannot meet the load requirements, the controller sends the battery power to the load, ensuring the continuity and stability of the entire system.

(5) The battery part is composed of multiple batteries, and it plays two roles of energy regulation and balanced load in the system at the same time. It converts the electrical energy output from the wind power generation system and the photovoltaic power generation system into chemical energy for use in case of insufficient power supply.

Wind-solar hybrid power generation systems can operate in the following three modes depending on the changes in wind and solar radiation: Wind turbines supply power to the load alone; photovoltaic power generation systems supply power to the load alone; wind turbines and photovoltaic power generation systems jointly supply power to the load.

Wind-solar hybrid power generation has the following advantages over wind power or photovoltaic power generation alone:

●Utilizing the complementarity of wind energy and solar energy, a relatively stable output can be obtained, and the system has high stability and reliability;

● In the same power supply, the capacity of energy storage battery can be greatly reduced [5];

● By rationally designing and matching, power can be basically supplied by the wind-solar hybrid power generation system, and little or no standby power, such as a diesel generator set, can be used to obtain better social and economic benefits.

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