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Three Misunderstandings of the Frequency Converter In the Use Of Energy Saving

- Dec 16, 2017 -

Three Misunderstandings of the Frequency Converter In the Use Of Energy Saving:

The inverter itself saving energy is a wrong understanding. Whether the inverter can achieve energy saving, energy saving effect, but also need to be based on the actual situation.

Misunderstanding 1, many people think that the two motor torque does not reach the rated torque state of the motor work (frequency, speed or the same 50HZ), the inverter will play a role in energy saving, this is a mistake that.

Misunderstanding 2, two exactly the same motor are working in the 50HZ frequency mode, one using the inverter, a no street light control system, while the speed and torque are in the motor rated state, I believe most people will think which use frequency The machine will be more energy-saving power. In fact, this is also a wrong idea.

Misunderstanding 3, the same conditions, many people think that no-load state can save a lot of electricity, but in fact drag the load no-load state also can not save much power.

The reason why the inverter in most cases can achieve energy saving, energy saving effect, the reason is that the inverter on the motor speed control, but in fact, most of the speed control equipment can achieve this effect, because It is clear that we can not be determined that the inverter is a kind of energy-saving products.

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