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3000w Wind Turbine Generator Intalled In Mogolia

- Jul 11, 2018 -

Solar energy is the source of all energy on Earth, and the sun shines on every piece of the earth. Wind energy is another manifestation of solar energy on the surface of the earth. Because different forms of the earth's surface (such as sand surface, vegetation ground and water surface) have different heat absorption coefficients to the sun, temperature differences are formed on the surface, and air convection is generated to generate wind energy. Therefore, wind energy and solar energy have strong complementarity in time and season: the sun is bright during the day, the wind is small, there is no light at night, and the wind is strong; the summer sun has strong light intensity and the wind is small, and the winter sun light intensity is weak. Windy. Wind energy and solar energy resources in Inner Mongolia also have such complementary characteristics.

The wind and solar energy resources of a location in Siziwangqi, Inner Mongolia, illustrate the complementarity of the two. The location is located at 42o north latitude and 111o east longitude. The average daily radiation curve of monthly mean wind speed and solar energy is shown in Figure 3. Figure 3 shows that at most locations throughout the year, solar radiation is stronger when the wind is weak, and solar radiation is weak when the wind is strong. It can be seen that the wind energy and solar energy resources of the site are very complementary.

The wind and solar hybrid power supply system is widely used in the power-free places of farmers and herdsmen in the non-electrical areas of Inner Mongolia, centralized households, border defense companies and outposts, border police station and communication base stations, etc., to provide users with electricity for use of electricity and communication facilities. .

Last week, we install one wind solar hybrid system in Mogolia. 

3kw wind turbine in mogolia.jpg

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