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Attend 2017 Japan Tokyo International New Energy Exhibition

- Jun 01, 2017 -

From March 1 to March 3, 2017, Nanjing Oulu Electric Co., Ltd. participated in the "Japan International Energy Exhibition in Tokyo, which held in 2017" in Japan, and was a complete success.



The company as a domestic small and medium-sized wind turbine famous brand enterprises participated in this exhibition. The show will show case FD series 4.9KW wind turbines, 9.8KW wind turbines and 19.8KW wind turbine products for independent research and development in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. Companies with high-quality products and excellent quality to attract a large number of visitors, and access to the recognition of merchants, and they expressed a strong desire to cooperate with the company, the cumulative intention of dozens of customers, to open up the international market has laid a solid basis.


Mr. Jiang Hua, general manager of the company in person at the company booth site guidance, he hoped that the company make full use of this platform, catch the opportunity to enter the international market, for the early realization of "rooted in the Chinese market, based on the global market,".


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