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Current Status Of Wind Energy Resources Utilization

- Apr 08, 2018 -

 In China At present, wind energy that can be developed and used on land in China is about 253 million kW (calculated based on wind data at a height of 10 meters above the ground), and wind energy that can be exploited and used in offshore areas is about 750 million kW (15 meters deep shallow sea area). About 1 billion kilowatts or more. The main way to use wind energy is still wind power. There are two main types of wind power utilization, one is the independent operation (off-grid) power supply system. That is, remote areas where the power grid is not accessible, such as mountains, grasslands, and islands, use small wind turbines to charge the battery, and then convert the inverter into AC power to the terminal electrical equipment. The single machine capacity is generally between 100W and 10KW, or medium-sized wind power is used. The machine is combined with a diesel generator or a photovoltaic solar battery to form a hybrid power supply system. The current system capacity is about 10KW-200KW to solve the problem of power consumption in small communities. The other type is the power supply of the conventional grid, which is connected to the grid. The unit capacity of the commercialized unit is 150KW-1650KW. It can be connected to the grid alone, or it can be composed of multiple sets of wind turbines up to hundreds of wind turbines. At present, although China's wind power grid connection started relatively late, its growth is very significant. By the end of 2005, China had installed 1,852 wind turbines on the Chinese mainland. The total installed capacity of wind farms was 1264 MW and 17 new wind farms were added. A total of 59 wind power projects have been connected to the grid to generate electricity. It is expected that by 2020, China’s wind power installed capacity is expected to exceed 30 million kilowatts, of which the compound growth rate of wind power installed capacity is expected to reach 38% by the end of 2006-2010, and the cumulative growth rate of wind power installed capacity by the end of 2010-2020. It is expected to reach 43.1%. At present, the research and development of large-scale wind turbines in China is a road of technology introduction and joint development with major international companies. There is a large gap between the technological level and research and development capabilities compared with foreign countries. However, the development of small wind turbines has accumulated a wealth of development experience, compared with foreign countries is not much difference.

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