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Differences Of The Line Design Between The North And South Wind Farms

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Compared with the northern area, due to the complicated geographical and climatic conditions in the south, there are also differences in the design of the north and south wind farms. For example, strong rainfall in southern China, severe thunderstorms, freezing disasters and frequent geological disasters may have a great impact on the design of wind farms. These are rarely seen in the design of wind farms in the north.


So what are the differences between the North and South wind farms in the line design?


1. Line mode

Due to frequent freeze-thaw disaster in the south, vegetation is more dense, so many southern wind farms using the cable method.

Due to the different climatic conditions in the north, the northern wind farms normally adopts the overhead line method.


2. Lightning protection and grounding

The rainfall in the south is larger than that in the north, the thunderstorm days are too much, and the surface water is shallower. Therefore, there is a certain difference in lightning protection grounding of the line from the north. South line in the insulation design, if the use of overhead lines, the number of insulators will be more than the north, the insulation distance requirements will be larger.

In the selection of the grounding material, the anti-corrosion requirements will be higher.


3. Melting ice switch

Melting ice switch is almost not seen in the north, but in the south, some serious ice accumulation area need to install ice melt switch at send the line exit. It could effectively control the situation of wire freeze.

differences of the line design between the North and South wind farms.jpg

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