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Nanjing Oulu Electric Training

- Aug 01, 2017 -

High tech zone safety supervision bureau leadership and occupation disease prevention experts were coming to guide Nanjing Oulu Electric Corp.,Ltd


To carry out occupational health, services ,technology, the server was to provide technology, the server was to provide technical support for the prevention and control of occupational diseases and for protecting the health of workers, also to enhance the ability of occupational disease prevention and control institutions’ need. High tech zone leaders and experts came to guide the work of occupational disease prevention and control on August 28th 2017. The chargers of the company listened to the introductions of experts in the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases carried out in the work and put forward the relevant suggestions and opinions. Through the exchange, discussion and experts comments, it was conducive to make further improvement of enterprise, occupational healthy protection projects and measures, to promote the long-term development of enterprise.

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