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How To Create The High Wind Tower

- Jan 05, 2018 -

The higher, the stronger and more stable the wind is. Because the wind on the surface is affected by the terrain and obstacles on the ground, resulting in many disturbances and turbulence. When it reaches high altitude, the impact on the ground is smaller . This basic principle, determines the direction of development of wind turbines, that is, the height of wind towers continue to grow up.

However, how to create such a high wind tower has become a big problem. The higher the wind tower, the larger the structure, the more raw materials consumed and the more difficult the components are to be transported. In order to cover a higher wind tower, the structure is designed to be "lightweight" and there are several mainstream approaches to building a superhigh wind tower.

The first is to borrow building methods of skyscraper, pouring concrete, the first template to pour a layer of concrete, after the concrete hardening is completed, put the workbench up to just do this layer, and then repeat the same operation. This construction method can indeed challenge the ultra-high altitude. Since the entire tower body is poured at the construction site, there is no problem of transporting very large components. The disadvantage is that it consumes a lot of labor and needs to wait for one layer or another Construction time.

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