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In The Field Of Renewable Energy, Spain Has Always Been One Of The Leading Countries In The World

- Apr 12, 2018 -

In the field of renewable energy, Spain has always been one of the leading countries in the world. Since the beginning of this century, the Spanish government has introduced a large number of policies to stimulate and support the development of the renewable energy industry in order to change its energy structure and promote the development and use of renewable energy. At the end of the last century, the West government formulated the "2000-2010 Renewable Energy Development Plan", which stipulated that by 2010, 30% of Spain's electricity must come from renewable energy sources. In 2005, Spain became the first country in the world to require solar panels for all new buildings. The Spanish government’s substantial financial support and policy preferences have greatly promoted the development of the renewable energy industry. According to the latest industry research report issued by the Spanish Renewable Energy Production Association, the growth rate of the renewable energy industry in Spain reached 8.2% in 2010, which is far higher than the growth of its GDP and overall energy industry, making it one of the few in its economy. One of the highlights.

Before 2008, under the dual influence of a favorable macroeconomic environment and government support policies, a large amount of private capital was invested in the renewable energy industry, and Spain’s overall power generation capacity was greatly improved. However, after the outbreak of the international financial crisis, electricity demand in Spain has shrunk. Suarez, a visiting professor at IE Business School in Spain and head of renewable energy company Norma Technology, said in an interview with this reporter: “At present, Spain’s generating capacity is approximately twice its electricity demand, and many renewable energy generating devices Being vacant, brings greater financial pressure on renewable energy companies."

In addition, the Spanish government will also control the "electricity deficit" into important measures to reduce fiscal expenditures. The “electricity deficit” refers to the difference between electricity costs and the cost of electricity generation. According to statistics, as of the end of 2011, this deficit reached 24 billion euros. At the end of January this year, the Spanish government announced the cancellation of its subsidies for newly-built renewable energy generators. “The industry does not know whether this temporary measure will last for a year or more. The government may also adjust the current overall subsidy method. This is a difficult time for the Spanish renewable energy industry. Suarez pointed out.

The Spanish government's "policy withdrawal" in the renewable energy industry has made the industry unacceptable. According to an industry website commented here, this is like half the game and the rules of the game have suddenly been changed. The president of the Spanish Renewable Energy Production Association Gonzalez pointed out in the latest edition of the association’s conference that the era of cheap energy has passed and the new energy structure should be based on renewable energy. First, in terms of economy, Spain currently relies on imports for more than 80% of its energy. Developing renewable energy and reducing energy imports can improve Spain's international current account deficit. Second, unlike conventional fossil fuels, the greater the use of renewable energy, The lower the unit cost, the third is that renewable energy can create more jobs than fossil fuels. Behind every megawatt of electricity generation, renewable energy creates jobs that can reach 8-60 times that of traditional energy sources. For Spain, which currently has more than 5 million unemployed, this will have great economic and social benefits.

In the face of challenges, Spanish renewable energy companies hope to solve the problem of lack of space in the domestic market through “going out”. According to Suarez, Spain’s renewable energy companies have already gained a firm foothold in the United States with their own technology and experience, and are also looking forward to renewable energy markets in emerging market countries such as China, Brazil and Mexico.

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