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India Power Production Market

- Jun 15, 2018 -

The total installed capacity of India's power projects is 343.79 GW. Thermal power accounted for 64.8%; hydropower 13.2%, renewable energy 20.1%, nuclear energy is the lowest, only 2%.

In anticipation, India has a potential renewable energy project of 1,090 GW, with 302 GW of wind power, 750 GW of solar energy, 25 GW of bioenergy, and 21 GW of small hydropower.

India’s resource conditions determine the potential for solar and wind energy development in the future. India is located in tropical and subtropical areas and has abundant solar energy resources. In the world’s top 20 economies, India’s average daily sunshine is the first, superior to China, the United States and the European Union. In addition, India has good conditions for the development of wind power: land is surrounded by the sea on three sides, most areas are within the scope of tropical monsoon activity, and wind resources are very abundant. The main wind power areas are concentrated in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Karnataka, etc. .

Zhang Shiguo, deputy director of the China New Energy Overseas Development Alliance, said that India is a neighboring country to China and a very important partner in China’s energy cooperation with foreign countries. India enjoys good economic growth prospects and great potential in the electricity market. With respect to renewable energy, the Indian government is ambitious and provides good investment opportunities for many domestic companies, especially new energy companies.

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