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Inner Mongolia Hules Tasumu Released 100 Wind-solar Hybrid Devices For Herdsmen

- Jun 15, 2018 -

The 220 herdsmen of the Hulusi Taisuemu’s useful electricity demand have applied for 134 herdsmen with wind-solar hybrid equipment. Under the coordination of the Sumu Party Committee’s government, 100 pairs of wind and solar complementary devices of 2000 watts have been purchased. Among them, the subsidy of the autonomous region is 12,400 yuan, the municipal subsidy is 10,850 yuan, the subsidy at the flag level is 3,100 yuan, the farmers and herdsmen raise 4,650 yuan by themselves, and the pastoral households involved in 9 inspections of the Sumu are engaged in the installation and debugging of herdsmen.

In recent years, Hules Taishuu has been quickening the completion of the short-boarding power infrastructure in the agricultural and pastoral areas, vigorously publicizing and promoting the upgrading and renovation of new energy-powered equipment, and carrying out investigations on electricity use in remote farming and pastoral areas, and has not implemented electricity supply to the grid. Users, especially pastoral users, have achieved full coverage of electricity for farmers and herdsmen in remote areas through two ways: access to the grid and upgrading of new energy users.

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