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Innovation Wins The Future, And Warmly Congratulates On The Acquisition Of Software Copyrights By Eurotherm's EV100 And EV510 Series Inverter Software

- May 25, 2018 -

In September 2017 and April 2018, Eurol's independently developed “V100 Series Inverter Software V1.0” and “EV510 Series Inverter Software V1.0” successfully passed the Copyright Protection Center of the National Copyright Administration of China. After a rigorous review, the "Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate" issued by the National Copyright Administration was formally obtained. At this point, Euroland has reached 12 items with its own intellectual property rights.

EV100 series frequency converter software V1.0 supports the function-enhanced frequency converter products, adopts DSP control system, completes optimized speed sensorless control, V/F control, functions are more optimized, application is more flexible, and performance is more stable. Can be widely used in fan, pump load and speed control accuracy, torque response speed, low frequency output characteristics of high demand applications.

EV100 series inverters have three control modes: SVC, V/F control, and torque control. Each type of brake unit from 0.75-18.5 KW can be directly connected to the braking resistor if it needs to stop quickly. Segment simple PLC, multi-stage speed controller PID control; supports a variety of frequency settings: digital settings, analog settings, PID settings, communication settings, etc.; input, output terminals are free to program, the user can be combined according to need A variety of work modes; with skip frequency control function, to avoid mechanical resonance, so that the system is more stable and reliable; with instantaneous power off does not stop function; with sleep wake up delay setting function; with over-torque detection; with speed tracking restart Function: realize the smooth start without impact on the rotating motor; the user can freely define the multi-function shortcut keys, through the setting parameters can quickly browse the relevant function codes after the modification and the factory default value; with automatic voltage adjustment function, effective Solve the problem of low-frequency oscillation of high-power motors, and have the function of oscillation suppression; provide a variety of fault protection functions: over-current, over-voltage, and owed , Overtemperature, phase loss, overload protection and so on.

The EV510 series inverter software V1.0 supports general-purpose high-performance current vector-upgraded inverters. It is mainly used to control and regulate the speed and torque of three-phase AC asynchronous motors, and supports a variety of PG cards with powerful functions. Can be used for textile, paper, drawing, machine tools, packaging, food, fans, pumps and various automated production equipment drive.

In addition to the advantages of EV100, EV510 series inverters also have torque control accuracy (±5% (FVC)) and overload capacity (G type machine: 150% rated current 60s; 180% rated current 3s; P type machine: 120 % rated current 60s; 150% rated current 3s); Simple PLC, multi-speed operation (up to 16-speed operation with built-in PLC or control terminal), high-performance current vector control technology for asynchronous motor and many other outstanding performance .

"EV100 series frequency converter software V1.0" and "EV510 series frequency converter software V1.0" are the main products of Continental Electric Inverter series. After years of progress and improvement, it has formed a large number of applications. Advanced and stable product system with European electrical characteristics will help customers in various industries to provide more in-depth, safe and efficient solutions.

As a technology-led high-tech company, technological innovation is the foundation of this. For more than ten years, Eurotherm has always attached importance to R&D and innovation in technology, continuously improved its intellectual property protection system, formed a continuous innovation mechanism, strengthened its technological leadership in the security field, and greatly increased its core competitiveness. In the future, Continental Electric will continue to use its own technological advantages to achieve the maximum value of customers as its goal, providing customized solutions and services to customers in various industries.

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