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Leaders Of Nanjing University Of Information Science And Technology Come To Europe Electric For Cooperation In Production, Education And Research

- Jun 04, 2018 -

At the beginning of June, in the early summer season, the climate was pleasant. Dean Chen and Professor Hu of the School of Information and Control of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology and Director Tan of the Technology Transfer Center of the Science and Technology Industry Branch visited our company to inspect and visit and jointly explore further production. The possibility and approach of academic cooperation. General Manager Jiang Hua of Eurotherm, Vice Presidents Yang Xiaoying and Xu Yongjian and leaders and experts of Nanjing Xinda conducted in-depth exchanges and reached preliminary consensus.


Prior to this, Nanjing University of Information and Technology had included Continental Electric as an employment and entrepreneurship base for university students. Once again, this time came to Continental Electric. It is a product and project that focuses on Continental Electric's strong R&D strength, healthy development, rich manufacturing industry capabilities, and compliance with national industrial policies. In particular, Eurotherm's wind turbines and energy conservation High-efficiency inverters, servo motors, servo drives, off-grid inverters, grid-connected inverters, and wind-solar hybrid power generation systems.


During the conversation, Dean Chen and others proposed the concept of co-construction of R&D test centers, the establishment of master's graduate workstations, basic technologies and theoretical research, joint product development, and the dispatch of colleges and universities chief technicians (deputy chiefs), and they were led by Continental Electric. Positive response.

Jiang Zong and Yang Zong stated that Nanjing Xinda is a famous comprehensive university in China. It has strong strength and is very close to Nanjing Continental Electric. It is closely related to the industry where Continental Electric is located and the products it develops. There is a huge space for cooperation.

Everyone agreed that we must strengthen exchanges and move more. We must carry out some sincere and substantial cooperation as soon as possible, step by step, and give play to their respective advantages. We believe that we must have a common cause and a common future.

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