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Nanjing Oulu Electric Co., Ltd. Won The Tender For Power Upgrade Project In Remote Farming And Pasturing Areas In Inner Mongolia

- May 11, 2018 -

According to the preliminary statistics of the company's operating department, our company has won 3 wind-solar hybrid power supply system projects in Inner Mongolia from January to April of 2018, and the amount of successful bid projects is about 40 million yuan. To support customers with fans, control inverter products 2,500 sets, the sales contract amounted to about 22 million. In the first quarter, the sales contract for new energy projects was about 62 million yuan, an increase of 100% over the same period of the previous year.

Major Projects in the First Quarter of 2018:

1. In January 2018, the successful upgrade of the remote farming and pasturing area in the Wulatezhongqi area (subcontracting a) landscape

Complementary system project.

2. In February 2018, it won the bid for the wind-solar hybrid system project in the remote electricity supply and upgrading project in the remote agricultural and pastoral areas of Alxa Zuoqi.

3. In March 2018, the first batch of remote-powered farming and pastoral areas in Zhongbiao Keyouqian Banner was upgraded with wind-solar hybrid systems.



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