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Attend The First Meeting Of The Sixth Session Of Nanjing Enterprises Association

- Dec 15, 2017 -

On December 15, Nanjing Enterprise Confederation and the first meeting of the sixth session of Nanjing Enterprises Association (hereinafter referred to as "NJEC and NJEA") was held in Peace Hall of Nanjing International Convention Center. As a manufacturer of frequency inverter, servo drive, servo motor, small wind turbine generator and inverters, Oulu is honored to be invited to attend this conference.


The meeting's level is high, deputy mayor made a speech. Li Qi, the former Vice-chairman of the National People's Congress, is the president of this session, general manager of Zijin Investment Group, president of Red Sun Group, chairman of Nanjing Chenguang Group, etc. are vice-presidents.

Nanjing Oulu Electric was invited to attend the first meeting of the sixth session of Nanjing Enterprises Association.jpg

Nanjing Oulu Electric as the only one new energy power generation products and integrated research and development, production units of Nanjing, has been recognized by leaders of the ""NJEC and NJEA")" for many times. The company has successively hosted many departments and enterprises such as Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, visited, researched, investigated and exchanged information, and also activelly participated in the ""NJEC and NJEA" activity. These efforts have played a very important role for Oulu to broaden its horizons, strengthen cooperation, innovate management and share resources.

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