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Oulu Electric Won The Approval Of Jiangsu Province Science And Technology Bureau

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Recently, Oulu Electric won the approval of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Bureau, the establishment of "wind and solar hybrid wind power grid integration / off-grid power generation system engineering technology research center." This is an important thing in the implementation of our strategy of "innovation leads the development".The main products cover two major areas of electric drive, industrial control and new energy generation. Industrial energy-saving and automation control, the main products are low-voltage inverter, integration and special aircraft, servo systems, permanent magnet synchronous motor, electric vehicle motor controller, the product is widely used in oil fields, machine tools, metal products, wire and cable, Printing and packaging, textile and chemical fiber, building materials, metallurgy, mining, municipal services, automotive and other industries. Company products, especially the integration and special plane products in a number of sub-sectors in the industry's first or leading position.

"Wind and solar complementary micro-inverter and grid / off-grid power generation systems engineering technology center," the establishment of the main relying on the company over the years in the field of development established by the good management, research and development system and rich experience in the development and operation, as well as related Master the core technology.

Engineering Technology Center goal is to follow the scenery complementary grid / off-grid power generation at home and abroad before, Along the technology, grasp the latest product trends, leading the industry common development; to achieve the domestic advanced level as a standard, each of the results and strive to shorten the gap with the advanced regions; center positioning in the domestic scenery of complementary power generation industry, not only to solve the current business There are some technical problems, but also some common issues of the industry to conduct research.




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