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Putuo VI Offshore Wind Farm Project No.2

- Dec 22, 2017 -

The first wind turbine of Putuo VI Offshore Wind Farm Project No.2 recently achieved smooth grid-connected power generation.


Zhejiang Energy Bureau released news that the project put into operation symbol of the province's offshore wind power grid operation to achieve zero breakthrough, will provide green clean electricity continuously.


According to reports, this project installed 63 units wind turbine generators of 4MW, with a total installed capacity of 252 MW.


Zhejiang Energy Bureau said that it is estimated that after the project is officially operational, the annual equivalent full load utilization hours is 3,038 hours and annual net electricity consumption is 753,380,000 kWh, saving 240,000 tons of standard coal and 610,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually , Save 2.1 million tons of water, etc., significant environmental benefits.

Offshore Wind Farm Project.jpg

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