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small and medium sized wind turbines

- Dec 10, 2017 -

Bloomberg New Energy Finance recently released its key independent forecast "2017 New Energy Outlook" proposed that onshore wind power costs will have dropped by 30% in the past eight years based on the further reduction of 47%. The continuous decline in wind power costs has also led to the growth of the global small and medium sized wind turbines market.


In recent years, Japan, Denmark and Italy and other countries due to policy encouragement and support, distributed wind power market is rising. According to a report released by the U.S. consultancy Navigant Research, the installed capacity of small and medium sized wind turbines worldwide is expected to increase from 176.4 MW this year to 446 MW in 2026.


Industry experts suggested that the concept of wind power development should be changed as soon as possible to establish and improve the policy support and management mechanism for decentralized wind power so as to improve the overall utilization efficiency of wind power and make the small and medium sized wind turbines industry play a big role.

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