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The Big Speakers Wind Turbine Generator

- Dec 18, 2017 -

As for wind turbines, we may emerge a large windmill in the mind, they not only high speed wind, fast rotating blades, but also very easy to hurt the birds.


Today, we will introduce a creative wind turbine INVELOX, invented by the American Sheer Wind energy start-up company. It not only get rid of the traditional wind blade, instead a quiet and gentle "big speakers", but also friendly to the environment and the birds. And as long as  the kind of breeze, wind speed 3.2km / h can generate electricity, power generation efficiency is as high as 60% -90%.


The principle is very simple: located at the top of the system is the air outlet, like a "big speakers" , it can collect the wind from all directions, whether it is the breeze, or 90km high-speed wind can enter the system through the "big speakers" . When the wind pass though the suddenly narrowing pipe, high-velocity winds began to gather and accelerate, ultimately driving the turbine to convert wind energy into electrical energy and then diffuser to return the wind to nature.


Compared with traditional wind turbines, INVELOX wind power generation system not only has the advantages of high safety factor, low wind speed requirement and high power generation efficiency, but also has a volume of 5-10 meters smaller than that of a large windmill. Operation and maintenance is also more convenient, and lower cost, it is understood, INVELOX annual power generation will exceed 10 million kWh per kilowatt-hour cost less than 2 cents.

The big speakers wind turbine generator 1.jpg

The big speakers wind turbine generator.jpg

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