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The Energy Trilemma Index Of China

- Dec 26, 2017 -

The World Energy Council (WEC) conducted a comprehensive assessment of energy systems in 125 countries according to the Energy Trilemma Index. The top 10 countries are: 1) Denmark, 2) Sweden, 3) Switzerland, 4) The Netherlands, 5) Britain, 6) Germany, 7) Norway, 8) France, 9) New Zealand, and 10) Slovenia. It is noteworthy that, in this 10 countries, except New Zealand, all are European countries.

So, the energy system performance of China ranked in what position? According to WEC's assessment, China ranked only 86th out of 125 countries,  lower than Japan (30), South Korea (39), the Philippines (70) and Indonesia (75), slightly higher than India 92).

In terms of the three dimensions, China's energy security index performed still well, ranking 58th in 125 countries, above average; China ranked 76th in energy fairness, slightly below the average; Environmental sustainability came in at 117, almost bottom.

the Energy Trilemma Index of China.jpg

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