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Visited To A Injection Molding Factory

- Oct 01, 2017 -

This month, the colleagues of Purchasing Department and Quality department have visited a injection molding factory, which is one of Oulu Electric’s suppliers.This factory is a registered with the approval by the state related departments of the professional processing enterprise, and has been more than 20 years in the manufacturing sector, mainly worked on manufacture and development of all types of injection products.


Several years ago, the factory and Oulu Electric have established a comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation. Oulu Electric provideed servo products to the injection molding factory, and in turn, they product shells of VFD products for us.


According to site inspection and the feedback of the injection molding factory, our servo products work very well.


This visit is in order to understand the current usage scenarios and analyse the resulting performance problems of our servo products. Make sure servo equipment and system run well, keep deep relationship with customers, care their demands. Meanwhile, create new sales points.

Welcome to Oulu Electric for further business!



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