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Wind-solar Complementary Monitoring System

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Wind-solar complementary monitoring system (pure solar monitoring and power supply system) can be widely used in forest fire prevention monitoring systems. It is a device that converts solar energy and wind energy into electrical energy. The system is free from air pollution, noise, and waste. Natural, clean energy. At present, wind power and solar power generation are developing very rapidly worldwide. In order to make the living environment no longer polluted, wind power and solar energy will be the inevitable choice for future world energy.

If traditional camera monitoring methods are used to supervise large-area monitoring systems in highway projects, forest fire monitoring, pest protection, border posts, etc., it is necessary to construct a large-scale transmission network and optical fiber transmission network, which is not only difficult to construct. The construction cost is high, and the maintenance cost is also high and it has no operability. The wind-solar hybrid monitoring and power supply system (pure solar monitoring and power supply system) can reasonably configure the system capacity according to the user's power load conditions and resource conditions, thus ensuring the reliability of the system power supply and reducing the cost of the power generation system. No matter what kind of environment and what kind of power requirements, can make the optimal system design to meet the requirements of the user. The wind-solar hybrid power supply system (pure solar monitoring and power supply system) is a reasonable independent power supply. It is particularly suitable for providing stable and reliable power supply for equipment that is far away from the power grid and has a small electrical load. Moreover, with the opening of the 3G Infinite Communication Network, the wireless transmission of images becomes very easy. With the wind-solar hybrid power supply system (pure solar monitoring and power supply system), the project can be installed at a random point and the camera monitoring system will be made available for the project. The comprehensive application of monitoring has become possible, improving the safety and security of the project. The wind-solar hybrid power supply system (pure solar power monitoring and power supply system) is used in highway and forest fire monitoring and other projects. The construction cost is lower than that of power grid transmission and distribution, which saves electricity bills and is safer than power grid power supply. The wind-solar hybrid power generation system mainly consists of a wind power generator, a solar panel, a controller, an inverter, a battery pack, a cable, a support, and auxiliary components to form a power generation system. In the absence of sunlight at night and on rainy days, wind power generates electricity, and on sunny days, it is powered by solar energy. In the presence of both wind and sun, both functions at the same time, realizing all-weather power generation functions that are more economical and scientific than using wind turbines and solar energy alone. ,practical. 

Project features:

1. Determine the capacity of wind-solar hybrid power generation according to the specific conditions of the solar energy resources and wind resources in the area of use and the power consumption of the load.

2. Ensure that all monitoring devices continue to provide stable power.

3. Monitoring equipment Considering all-day power supply, the maximum daily power supply time is: 24 hours.

4. Industrial grade wind and solar complementary controller, with over-charge, over-discharge, overload, short circuit, anti-reverse, open circuit, over-speed brake, over-current brake, over-speed brake, solar anti-recharge, lightning protection and other perfect protection .

5.RS232 computer communication interface, over 30 days of historical data record and download.

6. LCD display controller can directly display system operating parameters, such as: battery voltage, fan voltage, photovoltaic voltage, fan current, photovoltaic current, fan power, photovoltaic power.

7. Economical, practical, reliable and safe.

8. Continuous use of rainy days, up to 5-7 days.

9. AC and DC power supply to meet the needs of multiple load power supply; DC12V 24V or AC220 power supply can be provided at the same time.

10. The use of professional photovoltaic maintenance-free batteries as energy storage equipment, operating temperature between -40 °C ~ +60 °C, with high life and high performance characteristics.

11. The use of special lightning protection technology to ensure the stable operation of the system, not affected by thunderstorms.

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