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Wind Solar Hybrid Power System

- Apr 09, 2018 -

At present, the lack of normal electricity supply for residents of countries in remote areas has been rather serious and has plagued governments. Our research and research on these issues has introduced a wind-solar hybrid home power supply system that utilizes wind power generation and solar power generation. Based on the characteristics that it does not consume conventional energy and does not require energy distribution, the system is based on the user's electricity load requirements to rationalize the system. Configuration, convenient system expansion, to meet the user to continuously increase the power load requirements, also known as home solar power generation system, is a most reasonable, most reliable, most secure, most economical, the most environmentally friendly independent power supply system. As a result, power supply problems in remote areas have been solved, and solutions for power supply have been proposed for governments of various countries.

The wind-solar hybrid power generation system mainly consists of a wind power generator, a solar panel, a controller, an inverter, a battery pack, a cable, a support, and auxiliary components to form a power generation system. In the absence of sunlight at night and on rainy days, wind power generates electricity, and on sunny days, it is powered by solar energy. In the presence of both wind and sun, both functions at the same time, realizing all-weather power generation functions that are more economical and scientific than using wind turbines and solar energy alone. ,practical. 

Project features:

Make full use of wind energy and solar energy to generate electricity without external power supply;

Exemption from the construction of substations, erection of high and low voltage lines and high and low voltage distribution systems and other projects;

With complementary characteristics of day and night, seasonal complementary features, the system is stable and reliable, and cost-effective;

The maintenance workload of power facilities and the corresponding expenses and expenses have been greatly reduced;

Independent power supply will not affect the power consumption of all users in the event of natural disasters;

Low-voltage power supply, safe operation and simple maintenance.

Wind energy and solar energy are clean energy. With the increasing maturity of photovoltaic power generation technology and wind power generation technology and the continuous improvement of products in the process of practical application, it lays the foundation for the promotion and application of wind-solar hybrid power generation systems. Wind-solar hybrid power generation system has promoted the development of energy conservation and environmental protection in China and promoted the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

In short, it is believed that with the reduction of the cost of equipment materials, the development of science and technology, and the introduction of government support policies, the clean, green and environmentally friendly new energy power generation system will be more widely used.


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