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Wind Solar Hybrid Power System Used All Around China And World

- Apr 09, 2018 -

In today's world, electricity has become the most commonly used source of power in people's lives. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and technological advancement, people’s dependence on electricity is increasing. In areas far from the grid, the independent power supply system becomes the most needed power source. The troops' frontier guard posts, relay stations for post and telecommunications, signal stations for roads and railways, work stations for geological exploration and field trips, and remote farmers and herdsmen all require independent power systems with low cost and high reliability.

1. Wind-solar hybrid power generation system - the most reasonable independent power system

A. The most reasonable use of resources

In remote areas, the average electricity load is relatively small and living is decentralized. Therefore, the cost of electricity transmission from the grid is very high. Therefore, it can only generate electricity directly in the local area, and diesel generators are most commonly used. However, the storage and transportation of diesel fuel is too costly for remote areas and it is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, the diesel generator can only be used as a short-term emergency power supply. To solve the long-term stable and reliable power supply problem, it can only rely on the local natural energy - solar energy and wind energy. Solar energy and wind energy are the most common natural resources and they are also inexhaustible renewable energy sources. Remote areas are often rich in solar and wind energy resources, which provides resource conditions for the promotion of wind-solar hybrid power generation systems in remote areas.

Solar energy is the source of all energy on Earth. The sun shines on every piece of earth. Wind energy is another manifestation of solar energy on the Earth's surface. Due to different forms of the Earth's surface (such as sandy land surface, vegetation surface and water surface), the solar heat absorption coefficient is different, a temperature difference is formed on the earth's surface, and the surface air temperature is different. Air convection generates wind energy. Therefore, solar energy and wind energy are highly complementary in time and area. When the sun is strong during the day, the wind is very small. After the sun sets, the light is weak, but the wind energy increases due to the large temperature difference on the surface. In summer, the sunlight is strong and the wind is small. In winter, the sunlight is weak and windy. The complementarity of solar energy and wind energy in time makes the wind-solar hybrid power generation system have the best matching resources. The wind-solar hybrid power generation system is the best independent power supply system with the best resource conditions.

B. Optimal configuration of technical solutions

Photovoltaic system is a system that uses solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy, then charge the battery through the controller, and finally power the load through the inverter. The system has the advantages of high system reliability, low operation and maintenance costs, and the disadvantage of high system cost.

The wind power system is a set of systems that use small wind generators to convert wind energy into electrical energy, but charge the battery through the controller, and finally supply the power load through the inverter. The advantages of this system are that the system generates large amounts of electricity on a daily basis, the system cost is low, and the cost of operation and maintenance is low. The disadvantage is that the reliability design of small wind turbines in China has not been solved.

In addition, wind power and optoelectronic systems share a common flaw. The uncertainty of resources leads to an imbalance between power generation and electricity load. Wind-solar hybrid power generation systems must use battery storage for stable power supply, but the daily power generation is affected by the weather. The impact is very large and can cause the battery pack of the system to be in a depleted state for a long period of time, which is also the main reason for the decrease of the service life of the battery pack.

Due to the strong complementarity between solar energy and wind energy, the wind-solar hybrid power generation system has made up for the resource defects of wind power and photovoltaic independent systems. At the same time, wind power and photovoltaic systems can be universal in the battery pack and inverter, so the cost of wind-solar hybrid power generation system can be reduced, and the system cost tends to be reasonable. The wind-solar hybrid power generation system can reasonably configure the system capacity according to the user's power load conditions and resource conditions, thus ensuring the reliability of the system power supply and reducing the cost of the power generation system.

No matter what kind of environment and what kind of power requirements, wind-solar hybrid power generation systems can make the most optimal system design solutions to meet the requirements of users. It should be said that wind-solar hybrid power generation system is the most reasonable independent power system. At present, the biggest obstacle to the promotion of wind-solar hybrid power generation systems is the reliability of small wind turbines.

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